Live Streaming – Periscope v. Facebook

Live Streaming is the trend of the moment in social media marketing–at the top of the pack is Periscope, who has been in the thick of it for just over a year and is showing respectable numbers of followers and users with those figures continually increasing. Their app is easy to use and easy to share. Users can choose the Periscopes they want to follow from anywhere around the world.

Periscope hit a new high with their second Periscope Community Summit in San Francisco and made a savvy move by introducing a major update (that Periscope streams would now autoplay in Twitter feeds) just before the actual event, giving influencers, advocates, and fans another reason to celebrate the increasing boom in live-streaming content.

On the flipside, Facebook has generated some hype around their live-streaming with three key improvements; the ability to record a Live video in landscape mode (something which causes sharing issues with playback in Periscope), capability to save your Live video to your camera roll, and the option to upload a high quality version of your Live broadcast.

Facebook came to the live-streaming party late and hadn’t pushed hard to bring the awareness of its ability to take over from Periscope. It has taken a slower approach to their option called “Live” and they are slowly making progress towards a wider rollout and implementation of streaming options and content. Given the sheer size of Facebook, a slower rollout makes sense as too many people live-streaming could shut down the system.

Facebook has also introduced themselves as the new home of real-time events. This functionality allows users to use a new option called Sports Stadium, which enables users to follow along with real-time updates and discussion around sporting events. Sports Stadium will be a dedicated feed examining the details of each game. Facebook will then gather that information and share it in real-time allowing users to follow with ease and add their voice to the discussion. Currently, Sports Stadium is only available via IOS for U.S. users, however, be assured that Facebook is planning on rolling it out in more regions and across many more sports soon.

We still don’t have definitive leader or winner, but one platform will break from the pack and become the platform that is going to take the live streaming option to the next level. It’s sure it will be a fascinating ride.


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