How to Build an Online Audience to Promote Sales

Are you hoping to take the world by storm by introducing a new product or service? If so, you might get your chance to present it on Shark Tank and gain millions of viewers and potential customers. But what if you’re launching a video series, or announcing a book release, or if your new product isn’t going to change the world–but will offer your customers a whole new level of service–how will you get the word out if Shark Tank won’t return your calls?

One of the most crucial sales tools that you can have in your arsenal is an audience. Whether you’re the smallest of brands or the largest corporation, every business requires an audience. Before social media, your audience consisted of the people who purchased your goods, those within their influence and others in the community. But now, your audience can consist of anyone, anywhere in the world–you can sell around the globe from your desk–but to do so, you must build an audience.

To start building, think about your target demographic, your avatar. Think about who this person is–what gender, age group, educational level, stage in life–the more information about your target you have, the better your avatar will guide your decisions. Building this avatar is crucial to deciding where to build your audience.

Once you build your avatar, research where to locate your demographic online. You wouldn’t try to build an audience on Snapchat if your target demographic is in the 45-65 age range–but if your ideal community is between the ages of 16-25, that’s exactly where you could start. Every platform publishes demographic statistics that show the ages of its market, gender, and more. Use these statistics to choose your platform and build from there.

Most brands start with Facebook because it does boast the largest overall audience, but keep in mind that with its algorithm, only about 1% of your overall audience gets to see your posts. Make sure you choose secondary platforms that can reach out to your perfect audience and allow more eyes on your content.

Once you have chosen the social media channels you wish to use, start building a strategy. I recommend using one leg of your social media strategy to build from, whether it be a live streaming platform from which you build the rest of your content, a newsletter or email that you publish on a regular basis or something else. Using that as your jumping off point will provide you with a continuous message across all of your social media platforms.

Once you have this strategy in place, use it to engage on your chosen platforms to steadily increase your new audience. The better your content, the more eyes, and the bigger audience you will build. Remember, you won’t be able to build this audience overnight, but steady, consistent engagement will bring the crowds that will build your community.


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