How Losing My Job Was The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Me

Have you ever stood on the side of a cliff and wondered what it would be like if you fell or if someone pushed you off? You’re standing on the edge of the rock, looking over, pondering how far you can safely lean and feeling yourself losing your balance as vertigo sets in. Have you wondered how long it would take to reach the bottom and certain death–imagining if it would be the longest or shortest minutes of your life.

That’s how I felt when my company, out of the blue, told me they had decided to make some organizational changes, and I was no longer needed. I was stunned, I felt like I was looking over a precipice and had no way to keep myself from falling.

I made a decision that day that I never again wanted to be in the position that allowed another person who didn’t have my best interest at heart decide what would happen to me. So I knew that I would never be able to work for someone else as an employee again.

Little did I know this decision would give me the permission to go after the things that I wanted. Giving me the freedom to work with the clients that I choose, to take assignments that interest me, and to take time off to spend with friends and family at my choosing. Providing me the ability to live where I want, to work from anywhere in the world and do things that I find interesting. Want to go to London for a few months while I write my new course? I can do that. Want to launch my next offering while lying on a beach in the Bahamas? I can do that too. Instead of living to work for someone else and line the company’s pockets, I choose to do the work I love and line my own pockets!

I’ve always had a side hustle, in the beginning, it was always a second job, but then as I got wiser about what I was doing, the side hustles began making me more money than my full-time job. Now I live on the side hustles, have my own business, my own clients, and I’m working towards the life that I’ve always wanted but never thought I could achieve.

You can too! Start today, make a plan. What do you want to do with your life? You only get one, so why aren’t you doing everything you want to instead of living for an employer that, let’s face it, doesn’t really “have your back?” Work towards freedom. I was pushed from my perceived safe place, but found that I didn’t plummet towards the ground–instead, I flew. And I hope to see you in the skies right next to me soon!



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