One Tip That Will Skyrocket The Viewership Of Your Live Streams

I’ll admit it; I love Game of Thrones. Yes, I read the books, and yes, I watch every episode–usually as soon as it’s live on Sunday evenings. And yes, I’ll even admit to rewatching past seasons once the current season is over. How many of you are addicted to a weekly television show? The Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory, Survivor, Better Call Saul–these shows have fans sitting on the edge of their seats waiting impatiently for the next episode. And how do they do that?

It’s the one trick that every program uses. And as I write this, I hear Jeff Probst’s voice in my head saying, “Next week on Survivor…” I’ll even watch through 3-5 minutes of commercials to see the first peak at what next week will bring. Every one of these shows uses this storytelling basic–the monumental tease that gets you hooked, that keeps you up at night, that plays over and over in your head and whispers; “You have to know.” It’s a foolproof way to build loyalty to your broadcasts fast.

Now you may be thinking, mobile live streaming doesn’t have anything to do with storytelling–but you would be wrong. In fact, I teach a whole lesson on storytelling in my online course, because I feel it’s so important to your live broadcasts. But too many times, I find all the effort of live streaming focused on the stream with no mention to viewers of the next broadcast. 

As a live streamer, every time you finish a stream, you have the choice to tease tomorrow’s upcoming broadcast. It makes you seem like an expert because you already have a plan for the episode, you’re not just winging it. But you don’t always have to do it at the end; you can include what your next stream will be several times during the broadcast for those who don’t watch the whole thing and jump off before the end.

Plus, by teasing tomorrow’s broadcast, you have a higher chance that those viewers will come back, especially if you provided high-quality content in your broadcast. The more often those viewers return to your streams; the more loyal they become which equals increased opportunity and possible income to you.

But keep in mind, your audience knowing when and what you’ll be streaming about makes it even more important that you’ll deliver the content when you promised. After all, if I sat down one Sunday night to watch Game of Thrones and HBO didn’t deliver the episode when they promised they would–I’d be a little upset. So will your viewers when you don’t deliver what you promised.

So next time you broadcast, no matter what platform, Facebook Live, Periscope, Blab, Busker or one of the other live streaming options, make sure to tease your next stream. And remember to tease that content across your social media channels to bring in even more viewers. It’s a sure-fire way to build loyalty and viewership fast!


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