Meet Me!

Hi! I’m Barbara Keckler. I’m excited to meet you–and so glad you’re here! I want to help you become a master of social media and teach you how to create spot-on social media strategies that take you from zero to hero with your followers.

Why you might ask? Well, after years of working in corporate America as a Marketing Executive, I found that many of you were struggling with social media–creating strategies, marketing your brands and delivering engaging content that your followers can’t get enough of.

Social media is all about people–it’s about participation leading to behavior. Creating content that leads to the behavior you’re looking for can bring you increased sales and build customer loyalty.

Keep reading, and I will tell you what it took for me to become an expert.

Ok, so first of all, I’m an adrenaline junkie…

I credit a diverse past to my ability to produce content that connects with followers. While in college, I worked in an emergency room where I realized that the crazier it got, the better I got. So, of course, my first job out of college was for the state police, where I learned to ask questions, talk to people, discover what they needed, and to think on my feet.

After several years, I found the adrenaline couldn’t keep me from my entrepreneurial spirit, and I quit my job to open a storefront. I discovered that being your own boss includes long hours, many decisions, and stress. Guess what–I loved it! I loved being the boss and finding ways to market my business to get more warm bodies into the store. This was before social media; websites were becoming something that brands should think about–but not a necessity.

Owning a business was a valuable learning time in my life. Sure, it was an amazing–working for myself but I knew there was more for me to learn and I could see that the business I operated wasn’t something that could last forever. It’s when I closed my store; I found my passion–marketing.

I worked as the Marketing Director for a national brand–Green Giant Fresh. I was involved in creating their first website; it was horrible! If you remember, in the beginning, websites were static–they were essentially a landing page with some information about the company and maybe a few “extras” like a photo gallery. I cringe when I think of that first site and am so amazed at how far we have come–we certainly couldn’t create our own websites back then–they were complicated, and you had to know the “special language.”

I remember when I first told my bosses that we should have a page on Facebook. They were sure that social media was NOT someplace for a business to be engaging with consumers, and they KNEW it wouldn’t last.

But as I built out the social media for the company, I collaborated with brands like Zynga, Disney and Sony to create winning strategies that got our products in front of consumers, building loyalty and increasing sales. Even with the great success–my ideas were sometimes overshadowed–that’s inevitable in a big company.

I decided to heed the wisdom of Commander Tariq ibn Ziyad in 1519 AD who commanded that his men burn their boats during the Spanish conquest of Mexico, knowing they would either have to conquer or die. I knew that I needed to burn my boat and jump headlong into the water.

I began consulting for brands who needed help with social media strategy. I have found that many of you limit yourselves in social media. Many of you have not yet found your voice and confuse your followers. While others spend countless hours crafting your message and still missing the mark.

To make it even harder for brands, platforms like Facebook change the rules, just when you think you’ve figured out what works. Plus, new sites are popping up all the time, leaving you to try to figure out where you should be engaging with your target demographic. Then mobile live-streaming comes along, and now you have to get comfortable in front of the camera. There’s just too much to keep track of–on top of running your business!

My passion is helping you develop your online messaging. I believe that social media is crucial to your business today–it doesn’t need to be stressful or take up hours of your life. Seriously, you just need a little help to put it all together!

Thank you for stopping by. You are the lifeblood of my business. I want to help your business thrive! Let’s de-stress your social media marketing–are you ready?